Want to configure Doxygen properly? Consider forthcoming points!

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Customization of the Doxygen can be a challenging task as one has to download the essential binary distribution files for the system. Make sure that you are downloading the files according to the requirements of the system.

The installation process of Doxygen is relatively simple for you. After installing the application properly, a person needs to create a perfect configuration file which is well known as Doxyfile. According to professionals, one will be surely able to generate the file by making the use of two important methods like commands and Doxygen wizard. Make sure that you are choosing a method according to the requirements.  If you are searching for a simple method, then Doxygen wizard would be a great option where you don’t have to put essential commands.  Here are two essential steps that will help you in configuring the Doxygen properly.

  • Is Wizard option reliable or not?

If you want to create a perfect Doxygen file, then it would be better to opt for a Wizard option that is fairly better than others. It is a particular method where you don’t have to put the essential commands. In order to download essential commands for the command-line method, then you should click here and obtain essential commands with ease.  You will find a lot of developers are out there who are making the use of Wizard method.

  • Technical documentation

Nothing is better than Doxygen because you will able to generate the technical documentation with ease. If you are a programming language expert, then it would be quite an easier task for you. After downloading the essential file, then you have to modify the Hudson job properly.

In addition, you should click here and download essential Doxygen files that require for the installation method. After that, you will able to install the Doxygen in the system with ease.

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