Qualifications Required Of A Good Person

What to Do And Not to Do When Leaving a Legal Job

Every person must be competent, a good person has to be licensed by the state. The statutes are set up in such a way that every person is bound to abide by these stipulations. He or she cannot knowingly violate them. You should visit here to know more.

While serving in a state, he or she has to seek the consent of the state for every matter under discussion. For instance, the practice of law is governed by the Uniform Professional Responsibility Law. The person should not ignore this law in any way.

As a professional he must act ethically and conforms to the principles of ethics and professionalism, as laid down by the Bar Council of the state. This is particularly important in relation to his clients. It is, therefore, compulsory for every person to be a member of the Bar Council of the state, be licensed by the state and follow the laws in the state.

The laws of the state are similar to those of other countries. The laws on legal matters differ from the laws of other states and are also different from the laws of the country of the person origin. They are not codified and therefore the person have no control over the laws. It is the responsibility of the person to follow and apply the laws laid down by the law of the state.

The person must make it a point to present all matters under discussion in the state with the clarity and authenticity. In the absence of a clear and accurate presentation of the matter, the case will be compromised and the person will be brought to the notice of the superior courts.

A good person should be meticulous and consistent. He must always stay abreast of the latest developments in the field of law. He should be present at every stage of the proceedings. The proceedings should not be delayed.

The person should be open to all kinds of people and will be able to communicate with them in all crucial situations. His words must be honest and not misleading. He must be prepared to compromise some of his personal feelings in order to defend the rights of the clients.

He must be able to help the client when required without any delay for anything beyond the expectations. He must be able to provide an appropriate solution for the client. There is no person who can protect the client from any kind of unwanted financial loss if he or she is not an expert.

The person should be able to cross-examine witnesses with ease and skill to support the cases. The attorney must be able to comprehend and communicate with the judges without any confusion.

The person should be able to understand and handle sensitive matters well. He should be able to protect the rights of the clients against his own interest. The person should not go in for any form of arbitrariness and arrogance.

The person should not resort to any forms of trickery or subterfuge. He should be impartial and fair towards all the parties.

He should always be honest attitude towards all the clients irrespective of their nationality or religion. A good person should therefore be found only in a state where they serve only the public.

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